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Have you ever dreamed of traveling through multiple dimensions, or hurtling through space on route to a distant world?

Have you ever looked into the mirror and seen reflections of long dead lovers etched upon the glass?

Have you ever fallen asleep to the distant hum of dragon song lilting on the night breeze?

Have you ever felt the gentle kiss of an ethereal being while in the midst of your favorite daydream?

Welcome to Mystic Kat the official website of Kathleen Scott and MK Mancos, authors of steamy sci-fi, futuristic, fantasy, and paranormal romances where legendary creatures and remote galaxies are an every day occurrence. Where science, sorcery and sex make interesting and otherworldly lovers.

Clandestine Alliance
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Bateo Gunner is dead.

The treacherous bastard met his fate in a Celedon prison cell by a stroke of a very long and delicate blade. The lethal strike appears to have come from an Ashlin tiger sword, and suspicions fall to the only other person of that warrior class in the royal residence.

Stationed on the royal planet of Celedon, Ashlin Warrior Nadja Kelswan is charged with acting as liaison between her country of Vanden and the Celedon tsia. Also, to get answers from Bateo Gunner on the conspiracy that turned Jovita Rees into a weapon and now infects a good portion of the Celedon Empire. Nadja’s most important duty came from the tsia himself, to act as Prince Rohan’s personal bodyguard. It is a task she takes seriously, even as the conspiracy around them thickens.

Duty prohibits her from acting on the intense feelings she has for the tsia’sheir. Seeing his sorrow and loss over Jovita to another man, touches Nadja deeply. But the prince keeps an active sex life going with the palace whores, and Nadja fears their approaches to sexual relationships will forever clash. It is in the middle of one such intimate transaction that Nadja must save the prince from an insidious laser-guided weapon sent from within the palace walls to kill him.

Prince Rohan of Celedon has had his heart broken twice: once by the faked death of his lover, Jovita, then by her desertion to another man. Loving only one woman since childhood, it surprises him when a raven- haired Ashlin warrior haunts his dreams. She’s strong and lithe and formal. Her stagnant hazel eyes are so different than the twirling depths of a Celedon’s.  Her training as an Ashlin has also made her extremely wise beyond her years. He finds solace in her counsel. By rights he should hate Ashlin Nadja for her interference in his reunion with Jovita, but he can’t seem to help himself from falling under the warrior’s spell.

Any man takes his life into his own hands to attempt a seduction with so lethal a weapon as an Ashlin warrior. Now, with everyone in the palace a suspect to murder, it is Nadja who suggests they share quarters so she can better protect him. It is the chance Rohan has been waiting for since her arrival on Celedon.

The list of crimes against Celedon continues to grow: parts are missing from shipments to outposts, security vids are tampered with and the body of Bateo Gunner is missing from the morgue. The more questions they ask the more the questions come. Amidst all the chaos a new planet sends an overture of friendship to the tsia. It is an ill-timed and suspicious request as far as Nadja is concerned.

Nadja’s suspicions are realized when Rohan is taken ill and his body infested with a newer more sinister nanite. One that replicates faster and has the power to compel the host to do whatever the programmer wishes. Torn between duty to her sword and her love for Rohan, Nadja takes up the mantle of protector to rid the palace of the conspirators once and fall all. Even if it means giving her very life to save those she’s sworn to protect.

Private Negotiations
Liquid Silver Books
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Kathleen Scott
ISBN 978-1-59578-717-0

For the past ten years, war has ravaged the planet of Scicia. The countries of Telesia and Vanden have painted the land with the blood of their people, neither side coming out the clear victor. The recent death of the Vanden Regent has brought his heir to the throne and with it a new chance for peace. That is, if the memories of an illicit love and a false identity do not derail the process first.

Vanden Regent, Loden Espacian has waited a long time to claim Rinalda D’Aubry as his bride. Four years before, on a mission to Presari Station, Loden attempted to seduce secrets from the Telesian Chancellor’s beautiful daughter. His quest failed when she did not divulge even so much as her family ties and Loden fell helplessly in love. Now, the war has taken a terrible toll on Vanden’s resources. With his country on the verge of collapse, Rinalda is within the walls of his palace as the Telesian peace emissary. The only chance for Loden to save his country is to find a way back to Rinalda’s good graces and once again win her heart.

When Sergeant Rinalda D’Aubry agreed with her father’s plan of going to Vanden as the emissary in a peace envoy, she had no idea she’d come face to face with the man she thought was lost to a wartime romance. Dreams of him have sustained her during some of her worst days and nights, fighting in a bloody war of her father’s making. The man she remembers was a common foot soldier, not the heir to the Vanden throne. Memories of their passionate lovemaking threatens to ignite the air between them, burning all who stand in the way. Betrayed and humiliated, Rinalda vows to rise above her broken heart to save both countries from destruction before it’s too late for redemption. But not before her father’s secrets threaten to destroy the fragile peace and the new love growing between Loden and Rinalda, along with the promises of the future they plan to build together.


Kathleen Scott
Liquid Silver Books
ISBN 978-1-59578-762-0

Kristabelle St. Lucus is an etheralmancer, one who can take the soul of a person and lock them away in the lovely stained glass she designs for the Portamere Cathedral. This is her punishment for daring to be born with what the clerics call “the witching talent.” The Cathedral has become a prison for those who have defied the power-hungry clerics. It is not something she wants to do, but something she must do save her family from destruction. It is either that, or watch them burn for passing an unholy legacy on to their offspring.

Darius Castillo is a magi–a member of the scared order who work directly for the Magus, the rightful head of the church. Darius has watched in wonder as Kristabelle works her magic. Only he knows of her torture and pain at having to perform this horrific duty for the sake of her family. Only Darius sees the tears she shows no one. Under the guise of an acolyte, he is on a mission to discover the extent of the clerics’ treachery. Nothing the clerics do can stop the burning passion he feels for the artist or the need to save her and the souls she’s been forced to entrap.

Intimate Weapons

Liquid Silver Books
Kathleen Scott
ISBN 978-1-59578-793-4

Jovita Rees is running for her life.

Infused with nanites to heighten her natural abilities, she has become little better than a weapon for her people. The cost of these heinous experiments was the complete erasure of her memories. With little more than just the memory of her name and the medical torture she suffered on the Celedon science colony of Theta, she stows away aboard the Vanden vessel, Guidestar, to flee the guards of Presari Station.

Once there, she tucks herself away on a ship bound for Scicia. The Vanden ambassador, First Advisor to the Regent, Mallic Telonis is taking his leave. As a known connoisseur of beautiful women and non-committed sex, Jovita thinks nothing of hiding in Mallic’s suite, hoping she can exchange sex for safe passage to Vanden.

Mallic is shocked to find a beautiful Celedon woman in his bed. Too bad that despite her offer of memorable sex, she is terrified at the very thought of his touch. He knows this by the color in her cheeks and the awkward way she moves. He is also troubled she would go through so much to offer her body for a ride across the galaxy when all she had to do was ask him for political asylum. A check into her background finds unexpected results when it comes to light Jovita Rees was not only the court psychic to the Celedon tsia, but was killed under mysterious circumstances.

Mallic returns to the Vanden palace only to find things have changed during his absence. The Paladins, Vanden’s allies in the Vanden-Telesian War, want to settle the uninhabitable region of the planet to set up an outpost. It is enough to raise suspicions with both the countries on Scicia. Add with that the fact Presari Station is now using ‘bots for security guards and the entire galaxy seems to have gone mad.

Into the fray, word comes that a powerful weapon has been smuggled off Celedon. It is a break-through technology that could change the balance of power in the known worlds. Mallic fears Jovita knows where the weapon is kept, but never dreams the woman he has begun to lust after more than any other he’s known, may be the weapon in question.

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