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Welcome to Mystic Kat the official website of Kathleen Scott and MK Mancos, authors of steamy sci-fi, futuristic, fantasy, and paranormal romances where legendary creatures and remote galaxies are an every day occurrence. Where science, sorcery, and sex make interesting and otherworldly lovers. Where sports heroes, small towns, and serendipity are the rule not the exception.

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Speaking in front of a room full of New York City dignitaries is not Breelyn Grace’s idea of a good time—a full scale dental extraction or spinal surgery without anesthesia would be less traumatic. When she starts to experience spotty vision, increased heart rate, and respirations, she believes it’s only a bad case of stage fright…

…until she disappears.

And wakes to a future she never expected.

Five years before, Detective Jonah Knight was lauded as the Hero of the Bronx, for saving hostages held by Skuttle drug lord, Barto Temple. His reign of terror over the New York-Jersey corridor has left the city a nightmarish bastion of murder and corruption, and Jonah a widower.

Jonah never expected his investigation of a credit union break-in to expose an abduction case. Nor does he quite understand how or why Temple managed to pull Breelyn through time to 2070. However, it is the opportunity Jonah’s waited for—a chance to bring an end to Temple’s tyrannical rule.

Now, Jonah and Breelyn must work together to discover her importance to this alien king pin before his men manage to recapture Breelyn and make her the focus of their quantum experiments.


A fiend is murdering the Queen’s agents.

Menagerie Special Agent, and tiger shifter, Mordecai Pope is charged with apprehending the villain who litters the river’s edge with the half-shifted corpses of his colleagues. As he examines the bodies, he discovers the murderer has not only taken tissue samples and blood, but removed the talises – a special tattoo used to prove the shifter’s registration and animal class. When an unregistered, half-shifted man is found alive and repeating the Reaver word for venom, Mordecai begins to suspect there are more to the murders than meets the eye.
Lady Evangeline Murray has spent the last seven years cursing the memory of her fiancé who was lost on an exotic expedition to the far ends of the world. His pursuit of scientific discovery often overstepped the bounds of morals and propriety. Through the years, Evangeline has had to keep her own counsel over the man all of society dubbed “a man without peer” but whom she felt little respect.  To prove his madness and free herself from binding betrothal laws, Evangeline has embarked on a perilous venture of her own. In possession of her fiancé’s notebooks, Evangeline has painstakingly recreated his experiments and deciphered his secret codes even though scientific exploration is illegal for women in East Angelía. Now her work has brought her under the suspicion of her new beau and Menagerie Agent, Mordecai Pope.

When Mordecai’s case and Evangeline’s past collide, they must work together to find a killer bent on creating an army of shifters and setting them loose on the world, even if it means losing each other forever.


The countries of East Angelía and Aveneaux are poised on the brink of war.

Black leopard shifter and Menagerie Agent, Gideon Aldridge has been assigned by Headquarters to retrieve the pieces of an experimental weather machine rumored to alter or exacerbate natural weather patterns. In this time of growing tensions with Aveneaux, one small spark could escalate to full scale war.  A weather machine in the wrong hands could be devastating. A slippery criminal gang moves one step ahead of Gideon, collecting the pieces of the machine before he can secure them. It’s a trail that leads to the very bosom of society.

Olivia Brass lives a double life. As the notorious newspaper reporter Alfred J. Applebaum, she has made it her mission in life to expose the Menagerie and the secret agenda they execute to keep East Angelíans under their collective thumbs. No one knows better than she how the Agency can destroy the lives of private citizens. She’s seen it happen with the death of her family, forcing her to make a living for herself and support her brother, who has been locked in asylums most of his adult life—another crime she lays at the Menagerie’s feet. A chance meeting in a science and novelty shop changes Olivia’s life forever, as an unexpected benefactor, Gideon, offers to help her with securing medical care for her beloved brother.

When a local landmark is blown into the Taming River, accusations point to Olivia, leveled by the very man she’s come to love and trust. Gideon will stop at nothing to reclaim all the pieces of the weather machine and bring the conspirators to justice, even if that means arresting the only woman he’s ever loved.


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