About Me

MK Mancos began her storytelling about the same time she acquired language skills. When faced with nightmares as a child, the pediatrician instructed her mother to read her stories before bed. But being a precocious child, she wanted nothing but the unadulterated Brothers Grimm. The battle raged between MK and her mother over suitable bedtime material, until MK was forced to begin telling herself tales before going to sleep. Thus began the lifelong love of books, stories, and lives not her own.

After living for years in the Midwest and Deep South, and a twenty-three year run in NJ, MK now resides in Florida with her hubby, Dave, and dog, Lily.

Kathleen Scott lives for today and not tomorrow or yesterday. A mercurial individual, she has the high flying life of the jet set, and is hard to track down on most days. Imagination runs from the futuristic, space opera, sci-fi, and some very hot paranormal. If you are looking for erotic romance set in fanciful worlds, these are the stories for you.

Kate Davison was born from a need to write those stories set in our world. Romantic Suspense with a twist. Sports stories with heart. You can find her site on the drop down menu under links.

Cassie Sweet comes from a world where love knows no bounds. M/M stories of every genre and level of heat. Fantasy, sci-fi, historical, and contemporary. Find her site in the drop down menu to keep up on the latest releases and giveaways.